San Antonio Marathi Shala

San Antonio Marathi Shala - SAMS

SAMS provides opportunities to our children to learn and communicate in Marathi.

SAMS is voluntarily run by enthusiastic Marathi families. They are driven to keep the Maharshtrian culture thriving as they believe language is a gateway to any culture.

At SAMS, we are taking baby steps that will lead our children towards knowing our Marathi culture, literature, songs/plays and our great heritage.

We aim to encourage children to speak fluently and confidently with their families. They can explore Maharashtra (their hometown) more comfortably without any language barrier while on a trip to India.

We are a Sunday school run as an independent part of San Antonio Maharashtra Mandal (SAMM). We follow the local school calendar for children 5 years and up. We are affiliated to Bharati Vidypeetha, Pune through Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM).

शाळा सुरु करण्यामागे आम्हा सर्वांचे उद्देश एकच होते ते म्हणजे मातृभाषेशी ओळख करून देत मराठी संस्कृतीशी नाळ जोडणे. त्याच बरोबर या सर्व मुलांना आपल्या आजी आजोबांशी मराठीत बोलता यावे आणि मराठी भाषा टिकून राहावी
संध्या बोंद्रे