San Antonio Marathi Shala

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Learning is fun

Don’t think it is only study! There is more!!!

  • One and half to Two hours at Sunday school are the happy moments for kids.

  • School starts with prayers which then proceeds with variety of activities like reading, writing, story telling, creative learning through online games such as jeopardy / Kahoot etc.

  • Creativity is cultivated by various art & craft activities.

  • Students are given snacks (for in- person sessions).

  • Playtime is awaited where they participate in various games.

  • Children also get a chance to perform at SAMM functions such as Diwali, Ganapati, Gudi Padwa and Sankrant.

  • They enjoy cultural celebrations like ‘bhondala’, ‘sankranti kites’,etc.

  • In addition to the set curriculum, children learn Sanskrit shlokas / prayers.

  • Recite and perform Marathi kavitas/ Gammat gani.

  • Watch cultural and educational videos on Ramayan / Mahabharat.

  • Participate in “Powada”, enjoy watching Shivaji / Tilak stories in Marathi.

  • Quiz time like jeopardy, Kahoot, art & craft activities are enjoyed in the online sessions on Zoom.

  • School picnics and field visits (if possible) are highlights of our team building.