San Antonio Marathi Shala



SAMS conducts classes - Kinder / First grade through third (and higher as required)

Kinder: Chilli-pilli grade: Typically for children 5-7 years (Beginners)

Foundation years where Alphabet (Mulakshar) recognition, Barakhadi, numbers are taught.

Recital of Shlok / prayers, Kavita, build vocabulary through colors, fruits & vegetables, body parts, animals, etc.

First Grades: Typically for children 6-9 years

Beginners group proceeds to learn words / sentence formation.

Comprehension / Reading skills development and minimum writing (only as necessary).

Second Grade: Typically for children 8-11 years

Reading / writing skills enhanced for sentences including jodakshare / paragraph construction. Students learn to describe and hold conversations.

Comprehension / grammar structure introduced.

Third Grade

Advanced Reading, translating passages, letter writing/ paragraph construction/ conversation on different subjects. Students learn different shades of colors, numbers upto 1000, 8 directions, 6 seasons names, relations in detail and much more. Comprehension /grammar structure will be developed.

Additional Ramayana and Mahabharatha stories taught.

BMM Accreditation

1. A special curriculum is designed by BMM in coordination with Bharati Vidyapeetha, Pune.

2. BMM delivers passing certificates to the students who pass each level(1-5). Each level of BMM comprises of 2 years.

3. We guide students who wish to pursue BMM accreditation.

Assessments / Homework

1. SAMS conducts yearly two assessments i.e. Mid-term and End- Term.

2. Weekly homework and assignments help students to reinforce and revise the classwork.

3. Regular assessments aid the teacher to evaluate the student’s progress.