San Antonio Marathi Shala

About Us

SAMS Mission

Our mission is to teach our children to communicate, read and write in Marathi at the basic level; and to make them understand, appreciate and preserve Marathi culture, traditions and values.

Our Plan

Our school syllabus is designed on the basis of the BMM curriculum. Along with that we also introduce various श्लोक, आरत्या and Marathi कविता/बालगीते.

To make learning fun we include craft and drawing activities; quizzes, watch cultural and educational videos on Ramayan/ Mahabharat, and historical figures such as Shivaji/ Tilak/ Rani Laxmibai in Marathi.

Also, performing at SAMM cultural events enriches their marathi learning experience. They are exposed to various religious stories, इसापनीती, बोधकथा with the help of skits, plays and songs, etc.

रोप माझे वाढू लागले, रोप माझे वाढू लागले खडकाळ मातीच्या कुशीत बियाणे रुजले, माती आणिली कुणी तर कुणी खत घातले, मायेचा तो हात फिरता एका वर्षात छोटे रोपटे आले

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