San Antonio Marathi Shala

San Antonio Marathi Shala - SAMS

SAMS is an opportunity for our children to learn Marathi – i.e., speak, read and write in order to communicate with their family, especially the grandparents in their mother tongue. This will enhance their confidence and language skills. When they visit India, they will feel comfortable moving around, will be able to explore the country and their roots. We all know that language is a gateway to any culture. At SAMS, we are taking baby steps that will lead our children towards knowing our Marathi culture, literature, songs/plays and our great heritage.

SAMS is voluntarily run by enthusiastic Marathi families who feel the need and a long-lasting benefit that can be derived for the future of Marathi Community in San Antonio. We are a Sunday school run as independent part of San Antonio Maharashtra Mandal (SAMM). We are affiliated to Bharati Vidypeetha, Pune through Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM). We follow local school calendar for children 5 years and up, even adults.

SAMS Mission

Our mission is to teach our children to communicate, read and write in Marathi at the basic level; and to make them understand, appreciate and preserve Marathi culture, traditions and values.

Our Plan

We will use BMM curriculum for students who would like to get a grade-passing certificate from Bharati Vidypeetha, Pune. We will modify the curriculum for those who want to focus on Spoken Marathi. We will develop weekly home-work, periodic assessments and end of semester exams

We will emphasize spoken Marathi (60-80%) followed by reading and writing (10%-20% each). Each grade will be covered over two years that will promote learning at an individual pace.

We will follow San Antonio public school calendar – generally from 4th week of August to 3rd week of May – over 30 Sunday classes from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Plan Summer school for 6 to 8 weeks from around June 15th onwards.

We will teach children Sanskrit shlokas and Marathi kavitas; fun craft and drawing work; watch cultural and educational videos on Ramayan / Mahabharat, and historical figures such as Shivaji / Tilak / Rani Laxmibai in Marathi.

Children will perform at SAMM functions such as Dasara, Diwali, Ganapati, Gudi Padwa, Sankrant, etc. We will arrange field trips to San Antonio attractions such as River-walk, Sea World or Fiesta Texas, etc. We will urge and request / require the parents to speak in Marathi at home to help their children learn Marathi.

Parents will read Marathi stories and will encourage their children to watch Marathi videos. Homework will be mandatory. The parents will ensure that the homework is completed and submitted each week. Parents will be encouraged to volunteer as teacher-helpers to help them understand first-hand the issues their children as well as the teachers are facing.

SAMS Family

SAMS Family will be our dedicated teachers and volunteers

Each of the class sessions are generally led by a team of 2 teachers. In addition, the Shala sessions are supported by volunteers and parents.

They help as Assistant / substitute teachers whenever needed. All the teachers and supporting colleagues work totally voluntarily.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer. This gives them firsthand experience in teaching and dealing with kid’s difficulties during learning/teaching.

Parents can assist in teaching, resource management, management/communication services. Parents’ expertise in story telling, hands on technology, art-craft finesse, counselling can be an added help to us.